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Supporting The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

Fire fighters fighting a blaze

Overton Automotive has worked in partnership with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service for almost 20 years now. With their mission to ensure safety to the community across Scotland, part of their work includes helping those who need rescuing from vehicle collisions on the road.

Home to some of the most dangerous roads in the UK, areas surrounding Aberdeen are reported to have high fatality rates when it comes to road traffic accidents (RTA). With the help of the incredible Fire and Rescue Service, the number of fatalities from RTA has decreased from 123 casualties in 2009 to 60 in 2021 across Scotland (Source: Fire and Rescue Incident Statistics, 2021).

Overton Automotive is so proud to support the fire and rescue team by supplying vehicles to every fire station within the Grampian region. The supply of our vehicles allows the firefighters to gain hands-on experience within their road safety training. It gives them the opportunity to practise the extraction of casualties in a controlled and safe environment, before being called out to assist with real RTA.

Our vehicles are also used in the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service training centre to help recruits complete their initial training. This allows them to train with vehicles on fire and the extraction of drivers/passengers from vehicles.

Not only have we provided the team with vehicles at their stations and training sites, but we’ve also previously welcomed the fire department into our Aberdeen site. Here we set up a multi-vehicle and heavy plant machinery exercise, allowing them to practise working with other vehicles including buses and motorcycles. We are so pleased to have supported the team with a varied training experience, allowing them to cover all eventualities they may come across when attending an RTA.

With some of the worst roads in Scotland, Overton Automotive is proud to be able to support our fire service and firefighters with their training needs, and we are so glad to help them with the training they need to save lives on the road.