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Celebrating Women in the Auto Recycling Industry

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we’d love to recognise and honour the women in the auto recycling industry who have made significant contributions to the field. 

Despite being a traditionally male-dominated industry, over the years we’ve seen women shattering the stereotypes and barriers to succeed and excel in various roles, including management, sales, and technical positions.

Overton Automotive is lucky to be made up of many skilled and experienced women, each of whom bring unique perspectives, skills, and experiences to the industry. It’s safe to say that each of our female employees have played a vital role in the growth and development of not only the company, but the auto recycling industry as a whole.

In particular, we’d love to highlight the incredible work of two inspirational figures at Overton Automotive. Sarah Allan and Debbie McPherson have been with us for many years now, and have each made such a positive impact on the company.

Here’s a bit about them and what they have to say about working with us.


Sarah Allan

I started in 2002 fresh behind the ears as the office apprentice. Just two years later, I took over the main Logistics Manager role. Then in 2007, I became the office manager and in 2011 I joined our parts department to help for 2 weeks due to staff shortage. This turned into nearly 8 years! I started out in the parts department as a parts advisor, then quickly progressed to team leader. Eventually I became manager of the parts department.

I think my main attribute is that I have had experience working in every department within the whole building, including the stores, vehicle collation and inspection. I progressed to sales manager in charge of all parts, store, yard and stripping bay staff. I’ve used my experience to help set up and integrate procedures at our two other sites we acquired. This has been an excellent opportunity for me to utilise those skills and see the other yards take shape with my input.

Although I have worked here over 20 years it feels like a flash in time as my role has always evolved. The industry changes daily and no two days are the same. I absolutely love the varied roles and responsibilities, and (as much as I can sometimes complain about it) I enjoy leading all the staff and looking after them. 

We have a great family atmosphere and all work together really well. I’ve formed some lifelong bonds which has made it an excellent place to work in my eyes.


Debbie McPherson

I joined the company in December 2011 as an Admin Assistant in the Logistics office.  Due to business growth and expansion I had to quickly gain the experience needed to progress to the role of Logistics and Purchasing manager, overseeing 4 lorry drivers and 2 members of staff. The role is busy and extremely varied! No two days are the same and it feels like I have been working here moments, not decades.

With the acquisition of our new yard in Lincoln, this meant another career promotion which involves the main office staff, vehicle logistics, admin, auction department, 4 drivers and their daily workload which is generated from my office which is the central hub. My job is busy and testing at times but very rewarding.

I like to think we work in a busy but friendly environment. It can sometimes be stressful but my great singing voice always brings a smile (or possibly a grimace) to fellow workers.

Sarah and Debbie at Overton’s Christmas Party.

Sarah and Debbie go above and beyond in everything they do to enhance the company and the industry as a whole. So this month, and always, we celebrate and thank all the women who have made a positive impact at Overton Automotive.


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