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Overton Automotive: Bridging the Green Skills Gap

Upskilling plays a vital role in the auto recycling industry. It enables professionals to adapt to changes and meet industry standards.

Here at Overton Automotive, we are always looking to upskill opportunities within our business to support any skills shortages in the auto recycling and salvage industry. By continuously learning and developing their capabilities, our employees are contributing to the growth and sustainability of the industry while improving their career prospects.

In more recent times, we have been continuing to focus on bridging the ‘green skills gap’ even more so as it’s apparent there is a large gap in the industry for staff.

One shining example of Overton Automotive’s recent commitment to upskilling its workforce is our dedicated employee, Mark Acton. Mark first joined us in 2015 as a vehicle logistics assistant. However, it soon came to light that he enjoyed working on vehicles in his spare time and has a lot of valuable knowledge and experience in vehicles and green parts.

We made sure his talent wouldn’t go to waste and soon enough Mark was promoted to our parts department and, once our eBay store went live, he became a founding member of our eBay ecommerce team.

In between his roles at Overton Automotive, he’s also helped out massively with removing parts from vehicles. He’s been a huge help and we are so grateful for all he’s done and his incredible hard work throughout the years!

With his positive attitude to learn and keeping the ‘green skills gap’ in mind, we were then delighted to give Mark the opportunity to take the HGV Class 1 drivers training (which we are so proud to announce he has recently passed)! After passing this test, Mark has reached yet another milestone with us as he’s now been promoted to a lorry driver for Overton Automotive.

We really value Mark’s knowledge and experience and are so happy to watch him progress through the company. He’s a brilliant example of how our employees can upskill within the business and it’s absolutely something we are continuing to encourage amongst our team.