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Established in 1960, Overton Automotive has been and still is a successful family run business with an outstanding reputation in the auto recycling industry. 

With over 60 years experience, we are one of the UK’s leading vehicle recycling and green parts facilities. Throughout the years, we have always been at the forefront of change and the many improvements of the environmental efficiency of the motor industry through recycling. 

In 1970, when Aberdeenshire Police were having difficulty finding somebody to provid a 24-hour accident recovery service, Overton took on the recovery contract for Aberdeenshire police department and as a result  was left with some of the crashed cars. Recognising a gap in the market and a need for second hand parts, now known widely as green parts Overton Garage began dismantling vehicles  and selling the spares.

Overton Garage was one of the first businesses in the industry to be involved in the ‘car end of life’ schemes with manufacturers, with 95% of every car now being able to be recycled.

Over time we’ve evolved into one of the country’s leading vehicle dismantlers and recyclers with services in vehicle collection, delivery and disposal at our longstanding SEPA licensed facility in Aberdeen and EA licensed facility in Essex. Our recycled parts; are up to 75% lower in price, save an average of 30kg CO2 emissions per part than newly manufactured parts, and come with a 100% guarantee.

We are proud members of E2E , one of the countries leading end to end vehicle salvage organisations. We are also proud to hold VRAC certification and all our parts are graded to the highest standard.

Now under new ownership since 2021 and rebranded Overton Automotive.We are continuously improving the facilities and services  we offer to ensure we stay at the forefront of the industry. We pride ourselves in providing vehicle recycling solutions that benefit the environment and our customers in terms of quality used parts, while providing both a professional and personal service to all our customers and clients. 

With 80 percent of the Overton Automotive team having been in the company over 5 years and our longest serving member of staff being with us 45 years,this experience counts for a lot within this industry and we can guarantee the highest level of customer service as a result.. With a high staff retention rate the family company values have served us well. We have came along way from our humble beginnings of a shed in the bottom of a field to todays state of the art breaker yard with over 4000 vehicles on site at any one time.

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